• IIRC the names used in the Traditional Chinese version came from Haniwa, the official translator, so I think we should also give credit where due.

    In Shiroe's case, prior to the release of the KadoTaiwan versions, most if not all Chinese translators chose to use 白恵 due to the Shiroe/Kuroe joke (and probably also because "white" is what most people will think of the word "shiro"). Readers who had not read the web novels were thus quite surprised by Haniwa's choice until Shiroe's real name was revealed in the LN.

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    • Eyy it's you, Esta! I haven't cited the translators in regards to their original names (i.e. Taylor Engel used "Ritian" instead of the commonly-accepted "Race of Ritual" or "Ceremonial Race"). So unless there's a good reason to directly cite Haniwa, it's likely I won't.

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    • Gotcha. I just find that the reader might get the idea that Mamare was the one who came up with the Chinese name when reading that bit of trivia =3

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    • Oh wait you're right, I completely forgot that I dropped the ball there and mistook the translator for Mamare.

      Also, do you know if the simplified Chinese version/mainland Chinese version uses the TW/traditional Chinese name?

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    • It seems that the Mainland version uses the same names even though its translator was changed to someone else from volume 4 onwards. 

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