Tokinagi is an Alv Lander who is the reincarnation of one of the Ruquinjé. Currently, she is the alternate personality of the amnesiac Lander Nagi. Her birthday is on June 18.[2]


She appears to be a young girl with long black hair.She is wearing a priestess uniform.


The other personality that dwells within Nagi, and one of the Six Princesses of the Collapse would led the Alvs in their revenge. As expected of one so distinguished, Tokinagi is a haughty character. However, despite her condescending attitude towards the Adventurers, she's is surprisingly cordial towards them and her thirst for vengeance fades as the days pass.


Should Tokinagi decide to take action again, a great tempest would no doubt sweep through Akiba and the entire land of Yamato. But for now, she is content with just enjoying Wolf's delicious dishes.

Libra Festival arcEdit

Shortly before the Libra Festival, the members of Nyanko-tei were attacked by the Genius, Sislau. Tokinagi gave them her blessing, which allowed them to resist Sislau's plague, and the guild managed to defeat it.


Heavenly Dress of Eternal Night
Star Fan: Taiitsu
Mirror of Tsukuyomi




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