Towa (飛羽) is a Ritian Assassin-Poison User in D.D.D and a member of the Akiba Raid Party.

Appearance Edit

Towa has a very well-toned body.

Personality Edit

Synopsis Edit

Fallen Guardian arc Edit

She participates in the Akiba Raid Party as a member of Team G, alongside Azuki-ko. Azuki-ko uses the Thorn Bind Hostage on Enbart Nelles, and Towa breaks the vines with Rapid Shot to deal damage to Nelles. After Nelles' defeat, Yuzuko hugs her out of joy, and the whole party celebrates with a sleepover party.

Trivia Edit

  • She is an anime-original character.
  • She shares her birthday, April 2, with fellow D.D.D member Rieze.
  • With Azuki-ko, their "AzuTowa Special" holds the guild's record for largest damage in a single attack (instantly breaking Krusty and Misa's record).[4]

References Edit

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