The Town of Saphir (referred to as Saphil by Crunchyroll) is a large town located in the Yamato server, along with what is known as the East Sea Road. It was one of the settings of the Route 43 arc, when Tohya's Party helped defend the town from a wyvern invasion.

History Edit

Saphir has been a point of trade for People of the Land for many years, and is a potential stopping point for adventurers who are participating in the quest, "Get the Magic Bag".

Route 43 arc Edit

Saphir's history of trade was briefly, but quite violently, interrupted when a tremendous force of Wyverns unexpectedly attacked the town. It was saved from total destruction due to the aid of Adventurers, including the Odyssey Knights and Tohya's Party. In the end though, the Odyssey Knights likely contributed more to the town's damage, due to their uncontrolled nature and form of battle (or lack thereof).



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