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    Class Votes
    Guardian 63 (7.69%)
    Samurai 65 (7.94%)
    Monk 57 (6.96%)
    Assassin 172 (21%)
    Swashbuckler 99 (12.09%)
    Bard 37 (4.52%)
    Cleric 31 (3.79%)
    Druid 26 (3.17%)
    Kannagi 25 (3.05%)
    Sorcerer 98 (11.97%)
    Summoner 87 (10.62%)
    Enchanter 59 (7.2%)
    Total Votes 819

    In the Log Horizon world, the server's class breakdown is:

    Class Votes
    Guardian 9.67%
    Samurai 8.06%
    Monk 6.45%
    Assassin 12.09%
    Swashbuckler 8.87%
    Bard 5.64%
    Cleric 11.29%
    Druid 8.06%
    Kannagi 6.45%
    Sorcerer 8.06%
    Summoner 10.48%
    Enchanter 4.83%

    Assassin maintains a high lead no matter which world it is, I suppose...

    The next Poll will be "Which race would you play as?"

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  • DQueenie13

    This wasn't even a contest, naturally.

    Name Votes
    Naotsugu 213
    Krusty 95
    Isaac 20
    Dinkuron 4
    Kyouko 7
    Total Votes 339

    The next Poll will be "Which Japanese server class would you main as?"

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  • DQueenie13

    That poll on our main page has been up for a really long time (probably when the Wiki was created). Time for a new one, I suppose, while I'm out and about fixing things.

    Results of the poll:

    15,579 people said that the anime introduced them to Log Horizon, while 269 scouted one of the manga series, and 520 started with the source material (light novel). That brings us up to a total of 16,368 voters.

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  • DQueenie13

    For some reason, the Switch template on the Character Infobox no longer is working, so I'm going to replace it with . As a result of that, though, I have to completely revamp the Images tab on the template and thus, all the pages.

    The infobox sections are gonna look pretty crap for a while, in other words.

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  • DQueenie13

    CharaPageHeader testing

    December 20, 2014 by DQueenie13

    Testing out the CharaPageHeader template that I may or may not implement onto the character pages. Any thoughts?

    Rayneshia El-Arte Corwen ("Lenessia Erharte Cowen" in the Crunchyroll translation of the anime) is a member of clan Corwen, the most prestigious clan in the East. She later becomes the Ambassadress of the League of Freedom Cities Eastal to the Round Table Alliance in Akihabara.

    Female nobles don't have any real authority and instead exist for political marriages, which is why she is so lazy and unmotivated, since she knows that she will never be in a position to do anything worthwhile and her only is role is to just look pretty and perfect. However, because of the May Incident, those pre-established societal rules are challenged by…

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