Viola (ヴァイオラ) is a male Ritian Enchanter who was first used as a demo character for the Log Horizon TRPG Rulebook. Like the other characters created as demonstrations for the TRPG, he initially did not have a name until an event was held for the mobile game to give them names.

Log Horizon: New Adventure LandEdit


Viola sng

Class Rarity Role Type Attribute
Enchanter Logo Enchanter LR icon Support Rearguard Water icon
100 51790 33803 44876 43931
Pulse Bullet (LV1)
Thorn Bind Hostage (LV10)
Nightmare Sphere (LV25)
Mana Boost (LV35)
Force Step[Reduces the cooldown of one ally's skill by 2 turns and slightly increases magical damage. 30-turn cooldown.] (LV45)
Stats are based off of max evolution, max level unless otherwise noted. The Luck stat is not included, as it does not display on character previews.

Description: A chuunibyou Enchanter. Even though he's putting up the front of a brooding and lonely hero, he's actually more of an innocent boy who just wants to get along with everybody. In fact, he's so pleased with how his friends rely on him that he secretly has a diary with illustrations of their adventures.

Viola could be acquired by completing the various quests for his special event, which was held between April 18–30, 2017.



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