The feeling of acceleration as you fall from the sky is ecstatic!
Woodstock, Volume 2 Annex

Woodstock W, also known as Cannon Ball Woodstock, is a Dwarf Assassin-Alchemist and the guild master of Grandeur. He is a member of the Round Table Alliance as one of the representatives of the small guilds in Akihabara.



Woodstock W and his stats, as shown in episode 9

Like with most dwarves, Woodstock is a man of short stature and tanned skin. He has black hair and a large amount of facial hair. His gear resembles an aviator's outfit, and he has expressed interest in flying (and has a wyvern mount).


Woodstock is a friendly and jovial person who puts community above status, leaving the Black Sword Knights due to its elitist policies and openly disagreeing with Isaac in the early days of the Catastrophe in spite of Isaac's power in the city.


Prior to the CatastropheEdit

Woodstock was a former member of the Black Sword Knights, but disliked its elitist rules and left to form his own guild, Grandeur. Before the Catastrophe, he was known for throwing feasts and parties for its members.

Saving Serara arcEdit

Woodstock is one of the guilds that is present at the meeting called by Maryelle to discuss an alliance, but the guilds fail to agree and the alliance fizzles.

Round Table Alliance arcEdit

Woodstock is invited to the Round Table Conference to represent small guilds along with the Crescent Moon Alliance and Radio Market.

Homesteading the Noosphere arcEdit

After the Shibuya Raid Team leaves for Calling Fortress, Woodstock is sent to keep an eye on the area on his wyvern mount.

Other MediaEdit

Log Horizon: West Wind BrigadeEdit

Woodstock is present at Maryelle's attempt to form an alliance. He listens as Soujiro decides not to join the small guilds' alliance.

Woodstock tries to dissuade Isaac from buying and using EXP Pots but fails, only annoying Isaac and causing Isaac to rip some hairs out of his beard. When Soujiro intervenes and successfully persuades Isaac to at least help exterminate some PKers, Woodstock wishes the two luck, much to Isaac's annoyance since the former wasn't coming along despite having fighting capabilities.


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