The World Fractions (森羅変転 or ワールド・フラクション) are global-level magic phenomena that altered the world of Theldesia. According to ReGan, it has happened three times in history:

  1. The Emergence of Sub-Humans and Ancients (亜人間の発生と古来種の出現) happened around 300 years ago, when the Ruquinjé were about to be killed. After this event, demi-human monsters, including Goblin, Kobold, Ogre, Orc, Troll, Gnoll, Lizard, Sahuagin, and Lizardman appeared.
  2. The Appearance of Adventurers (冒険者の出現) happened 60 years after the first one (240 years ago). Caused by People of the Land using Alven Magical Technology, it first summoned the adventurers to the world of Theldesia to defend them from the overwhelming hordes of demi-human monsters summoned during the first World Fraction. (It corresponds with the beta tests in the old world.)
  3. The Settling of Adventurers (冒険者たちの定住化) happened in May and resulted in the Adventurers' permanent residence in the world of Elder Tale. Adventurers call this event the Catastrophe. Players noticed that, unlike before, the People of the Land suddenly acquired their own personalities and stories (although it is the other way around from the Landers' perspective). Also, Adventurers are now able to use Overskills.


World Fractions seem to be where new races or people enter the world and are events of extreme change and importance. No one knows what caused the third fraction, but they are able to be caused by magical technology such as the ancient Alv's, as was done by the People of the Land during the second world fraction spell to summon the adventurers to the world of Elder Tale during the beta tests.

Shiroe's Magic Contract could be considered as global-level magic, as it is able to override a fundamental law of Elder Tale by turning a Lander into an Adventurer. The potential for chaos is immeasurable, which is why Shiroe keeps this ability an absolute secret.


  • The Second World Fraction, when the Adventurers appeared, coincides with when Elder Tale first launched its beta version, 20 years ago before the current events took place, with Nyanta among the beta testers.

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