Wyvern is a monster in the MMORPG Elder Tale.

Overview Edit

The iron-tailed Wyverns rival the Griffins, but they live in groups while the Griffins prefer to live alone. They are known to drop ingredients for the crafting of important items such as the Dazaneg's Magic Bag.

Synopsis Edit

Saving Serara arc Edit

In the way for Susukino to rescue Serara, Shiroe's Party arrive in the Tear Stone Mountain, the presence of Wyverns caused them to decide to dismount the Griffins and go through the Depths of Palm by foot.

Route 43 arc Edit

Tohya's Party reunites in order to acquire the materials needed to create Dazaneg's Magic Bag. They go to the city of Saphir where they presence a Wyverns' invasion in the place, caused by Mizufa in order of start a war with the East. The party, alongside the Odyssea Knights goes to the battle, however the scubs got horrified with the Knights' suicidal tactics. During the battle Isuzu unlock her overskill, the 43rd Song, which filled the air with rainbow-colored notes and turned the rubble into shields, protecting the Landers and the Adventurers.

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