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Yuko was a Human Sorcerer-Little Child in the MMORPG Elder Tale. She was also a former member of the now-disbanded Debauchery Tea Party. Whether or not she continued playing the game after the group's disbandment is unknown.

Her in-game avatar had the body of a flat-chested committee chairperson[ぺったんこ委員長], with her hair in a single braid. Her equipment was a beige blouse, a brown cape, and a high-quality-looking wand with a gem on top. She is 142 cm tall.[1]

She loves flashy magic, and the sincere way she pines after Soujiro is like a child. In actuality, she really was an elementary school student, making her subclass of Little Child a rather accurate description of her real-life self.[2] She is also real-life friends with Saki.


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