Yuta is a Samurai from D.D.D and Rieze's adjutant, whom he knows in real life.[1] Like most of the D.D.D members, he originated from D.D.D Diaries, a fan fic.


Yuta anime

Yuta without his mask

Yuta has short red hair, brown eyes, and is freckled. When fighting, he wears a mask over his eyes. He wears typical Samurai armor and wields two swords.


Because of an incidence with an evil woman who broke up his former guild, Yuta tends to be distrustful of women. Despite that, he is quite caring of his childhood friend Rieze, even going as far as checking up on her when it seemed as if she would break out of character (when she was trying to be a yamato nadeshiko).


Prior to the CatastropheEdit

He was in an unnamed guild which was forced to disband because of an evil woman, causing Yuta to become distrustful of most women. Rieze is his real-life childhood friend, and while she was trying to become a "proper maiden," Yuta would follow up on her when it looked as if she would break out of character.[1]

Fallen Guardian arcEdit

Yuta and Kitsunesaru accompany Rieze to the Watermaple Consulate Raid Party's training grounds to help Akatsuki learn an Overskill. After they knock her down during training, she pushes herself up and tells them to have another go, causing Yuta to look at Kitsunesaru questioningly, who just sighs.[2]



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