Yuzu is a Wolf Fang Druid who was rescued from Hamelin and is now a member of the Crescent Moon Alliance. She has a bit of a sharp tongue. As a fellow Hamelin ex-member, she is friends with Isuzu.

She participates in the Akiba Guild Hall Raid.


Yuzu is a mid-teenaged girl of the Wolf Fang race, her wolf ears visible through her long dark-gray hair, she wears a tan blouse with long sleeves but open shoulders with a tattered-looking green cape hanging from her around her neck, and a gold and green flower-like accessory pinned to a belt hanging around her waist. She wears thigh-length boots and pink leggings.


Akiba Guild Hall Raid arc

Yuzu, along with the other Hamelin rescuees plus Serara and Ashlynn, is a member of the Akiba Guild Hall Raid. She is on Team D with Lelia, Kotaro, Death Gazer, †...Seiya...†, and Pekopeko Pizza.[1]

Other Media

Log Horizon: New Adventure Land


Yuzu sng

Class Rarity Role Type Attribute
Druid Logo Druid SR icon Healer Rearguard Fire icon
Max. LV[Maximum possible level, factoring all 3 uncaps. All stats are based on their maximum level.] HP ATK DEF SPD
75 26968 24711 27537 17607

Description: A member of the Crescent Moon Alliance with a bit of a wicked tongue. She was rescued from Hamelin and is one of Isuzu's friends.


She seems to use some sort of Divination Support Shield.[1]